90 Quotes About God’s Faithfulness to Inspire Hope and Faith


Are you looking for some quotes about God’s faithfulness?


We’ve gathered the best God is faithful quotes, sayings, messages, bible passages, and Instagram captions (with images and photographs) to inspire and instill your faith and hope in God’s wonders.

When situations are difficult, we frequently lose faith in God. However, God is constantly present, guiding and safeguarding you. In these trying times, when everyone is battling a war of some kind, whether medically, financially, emotionally, or personally, these spiritual quotes will provide a ray of hope and faith in God’s faithfulness.


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Quotes About God’s Faithfulness


  1. “God is faithful… When you trust him with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding He will definitely guide your path. Trust him in your worst and He will lift you up…” ― Jyoti Sonawane


  1. “Faithfulness is that with which God meets us in secret, so on our part there should be the childlike simplicity of faith, the confidence that our prayer does bring down a blessing.” ― Andrew Murray, Lord, Teach Us to Pray


  1. “When Satan hurls his fiery darts of fear, worry, and doubt in your direction, raise your shield of faith. Remind him that your God is able; He is faithful, merciful, and good.” ― Nan Jones, The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife


  1. “But sometimes it is really hard to be content when you are going through a crisis. But God is faithful and he can give you a joy in the midst of suffering that feels new every day.” ― Robin Zaruba


  1. “The faithful Christian steward acknowledges that God owns all he has, and it is his responsibility to manage and dispose of his possessions in a way that is acceptable to the Lord.” ― Billy Graham


  1. “All of your days have already been written in God’s book. When you go through a disappointment, don’t stop on that page. Stay the course. Keep believing. You may be tired, discouraged and frustrated, but don’t give up on future. Our God is faithful.”


  1. “God cannot change. He cannot be anything other than who He is. Out of His love and His promises, you were selected as His treasure. God’s faithfulness has been the bedrock of His dealings with humanity throughout time.” ― Graham Cooke



  1. “We know that God works for all things together for the good of those who love Him and that God is faithful. We will fail God, we will fail our family and our family might fail us at times, but God never fails us.” ― Nick Vujicic


  1. “Your best stories will come from your struggles. The seeds of your successes are in your failures. Your praises will be birthed from your pains. Keep praying. I have never seen a storm last forever. Seasons change but God remains faithful to His wonderful promises.”


  1. “God is faithful yesterday, today, tomorrow, always. God is always faithful to answer. Sometimes His answer is a much desired “yes”. Sometimes His answer is a merciful “no”. Sometimes his answer is a faith-building “not yet”. And sometimes… sometimes, when an answer cannot be found, His answer is simply “trust me”.”