90 Quotes About God’s Faithfulness to Inspire Hope and Faith


Are you looking for some quotes about God’s faithfulness?


We’ve gathered the best God is faithful quotes, sayings, messages, bible passages, and Instagram captions (with images and photographs) to inspire and instill your faith and hope in God’s wonders.

When situations are difficult, we frequently lose faith in God. However, God is constantly present, guiding and safeguarding you. In these trying times, when everyone is battling a war of some kind, whether medically, financially, emotionally, or personally, these spiritual quotes will provide a ray of hope and faith in God’s faithfulness.


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Quotes About God’s Faithfulness


  1. “No matter what lies ahead, God is faithful.”


  1. “It may not happened yet, but God is faithful, it will come to pass.”


  1. “You can trust God with tomorrow because He was faithful yesterday.”


  1. “God is faithful; Anything is possible.” ― Abraham Delleh Wala


  1. “God is faithful even when his children are not. ” ―Max Lucado


  1. “In God’s faithfulness lies eternal security.” ― Corrie Ten Boom


  1. “He who promised is faithful!” ― Hebrews 10:23 (Bible Verse)


  1. “God is faithful even when we are unfaithful.” ― Jim George


  1. “God is faithful and He will take care of you if you trust Him.”


  1. “Never give up on God because he never gives up on you.”


  1. “God is faithful yesterday, today, tomorrow, always.”


  1. “God is faithful to give you hope when you are hurting.”


  1. “Merciful God. Faithful God.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita


  1. “God is faithful and he will fulfill every promise.”


  1. “Life is always not fair, but God is always faithful.”


  1. “God’s faithfulness changes us. ”


  1. “God is faithful to fulfill all His promises.”


  1. “God’s faithfulness protects us.”


  1. “God’s faithfulness gives us value.”


  1. “I will put my hope in God. I will wait, for he is faithful.” ― Lauren Gaskill